I cleared my fcps in 5th attempt in May 2018. And no matter how many attempts it would have taken me to achieve this milestone I was determined to achieve it anyway.
I started preparing for fcps in April 2017 for the attempt of May 2017, I know it was an impossible task to ace such an exam with only one month of prep, but it was worth a try to at least get familiar with the syllabus and understand the pattern of exam. But time wasn’t the only issue, I was a postgraduate trainee for M.Sc. Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery at LUMHS, and in the evening I do My Clinic regularly. I used to get hardly 2 to 3 hours from my hectic routine to study for the exam and I failed badly, and no offence, I wasn’t deserving it any way, with such a little time I dedicated for this exam.
I used following books,
-BRS Physiology
-BRS Pathology
-Snell Review of Anatomy
-Kaplan for Pharmacology
-Vijay Partab for dental materials
-Asim Shoaib dentistry
-Jhangeer Khan
(I somehow managed to get single read of all these books, but it isn’t enough, u know)

Then the next attempt was of September, nothing changed , neither my study pattern nor my routine, and the result as previous “A failure”, but I wasn’t expecting it, because when I searched questions from books and internet I had corrected 140 questions out of 170 questions I remembered, but the result was around 50z , I was expecting to pass it or at least fail it with a dignity :p i.e. with at least 70% aggregate. This made me question the pattern of exam and to doubt the transparency of exam. Well I didn’t lose the hope ready to go for the next.

The next attempt was one month later. I.e. of Nov 2017, hopes were high, so does my routine. Night shifts , 12 hours ward duties , my clinic, it was very difficult for me to get to the books. I started preparing with my friend at my place in night time for last 7 days. See again a big mistake , only 7 days for such a big exam. This time I only did “usmle Cardio and Neuro”, “Asim Shoaib Dentistry” and only 2016-17 Papers from Jk. My paper went great. I was damn sure this time I will nail it. When I discussed the question with my fellows and searched those questions in Jk and Asim Shoaib and Internet , they were more than 150. I was relaxed but the day of result finally arrived and guess what “A Failure”. Never mind G.N, the cpsp has its own criteria they judge by their own way, these were the thoughts on my mind. I didn’t quit.

The next attempt March 2018, tough schedule, my own laziness, with time my motivation vanished , In Feb. I got Nikkahfied, there were other family functions. I didn’t prepared well for this attempt, you won’t believe I just opened the book 2 days before exam and did only “Asim Shoaib Dentistry”. The result “Fail” off course.

My friends were acing the exams one after another, my colleagues started to question my stupidity of wasting attempts and money. I decided to do it differently this time with only one month in hand I changed the pattern of how I used to study for the last attempts. One thing was obvious from my Nov Attempt that there is something wrong for the questions we used to consider correct. I wasn’t a strong believer that Rabia Ali is a helpful book or the questions come from other series of Asim Shoaib i.e. medicine , surgery, gynae. BUT this time they were worth trying as I ignored them in last four attempts. In Nov 2017 attempts I learnt the value of usmle first aid book. And believe me it is the best book ever written for any of the medical exam.
With my rough and tough routine I started studying from usmle I covered half of it. As due to shortage of time I wasn’t able to complete it. I did half of Asim Shoaib medicine and was surprised to see many questions of my previous attempts were present there. I did my anatomy from Lectures on YouTube. Pharma was covered from the usmle first aid. In last 10 days I took break from my M.Sc. training as I have had to clear this attempt any way. I did Asim Shoaib dentistry Asim Shoaib surgery, neuroanatomy from usmle, Rabia ali anatomy head and neck, neuro, physiology, biochem, embryo, and dentistry portion (and laughed at my stupidity of not doing it in previous attempts)and JK 2017 Papers. I appeared for exam , exam went terrible, I wasn’t sure as things had went wrong in past too with very good papers. And finally result day was here. And guess what “It was a Pass” !!! Alhamdulillah. All Thanks to Almighty Allah for blessing me with such a success.

So what I learnt from my experiences and what I changed this time?
-“Errata”… Yes .. these were the things which many of the students including me follow blindly without checking. Download all the possible errata , mark those question and spend as much time as u can to solve them by yourself through different books internet. And trust me 70-80% errata are wrong. Errata are made by students like us with limited knowledge, and blindly following them will cost you failure.
-JK keys. Trust me this thing has failed many students than passing. Jk must be considered a reference book just to get an idea of exam, its not a book to be blindly followed try to find these questions in Asim or Rabia.
-Rabia Ali, a must do book. It shows all the possible type of questions that can come in exam from a topic. It has errors of course but not that much u think. 5th edition is great one with very few errors. Download all the errata of 4th and 5th edition, mark the controversial one. Solve it by yourself. Don’t blindly follow errata.
-USMLE first aid. It is like bible of medical exams. Trust me get a command over it and no matter from where the exam comes you can somehow get to the answer if u have done this book.
-Asim Shoaib Dentistry! Remember every single question of it, I repeat every single question of it. 98% of the dentistry portion in all my four attempts was from this book. And I haven’t done dentistry from any other book except this one I quit Vijay partab after first attempt. So you can see the importance of this book.
-Asim Shoaib Medicine and surgery, should be done at least once.
-Snell Review head and neck Portion on your finger tips.
-BRS physio, a key to your concepts. Do it well no matter how much time it takes. And you can answer even pathology pharmacology questions from the physiology. It happened with me a lot.
-BRS patho. Easiest them all. At least for me. It took me only 3 days to do patho from it . Initial 10 or 11 chapters. Compare with syllabus.
If u ask me what books I will strongly recommend?
I would say
-USMLE first Aid
-Asim Shoaib Dentistry
-Rabia Ali.
Don’t dare to miss these 3 books if u want to Pass.
Don’t lose hope if u fail! Be consistent, it is the only key to success here.
And in Last but not the least all of my journey to achieve this milestone was impossible without Motivation and Prayers, it was my Wife who continuously motivated me , never let me quit and prayed endlessly for my success, My parents my siblings all prayed for me and, off course, this is a life changing exam you need a lot of prayers for this. That’s all from my side. All the best for your exams ahead. I hope u will learn from all of my mistakes.